(Remote) Monitoring is the (remote) monitoring of components, assemblies, systems and processes. The aim of (remote) monitoring is to permanently monitor the performance of a system by collecting and analyzing data from the system with the help of sensors in order to detect and rectify problems or changes in the process sequences at an early stage. With remote monitoring, failures and disruptive factors can be detected and rectified at an early stage. The manufacturing process is influenced by economic and safety factors. In order to reconcile both aspects, it is proposed to permanently monitor all machines and systems involved in the production process and to directly control access to them. If monitoring and control can also be managed remotely, this is referred to as remote monitoring and remote controlling. Both enable a company to optimize its manufacturing processes, but only if the machines to be networked speak a common “language”.


DrivePro® Remote Monitoring:

With the Danfoss tool, you can actively monitor your system at all times and minimize unplanned process interruptions and react more quickly to unplanned process malfunctions.