Predictive maintenance is designed to detect the risk of a potential failure of components, devices or systems in production lines in order to prevent cost-intensive downtime. It uses data analysis of permanently recorded key data from the system. To do this, the system collects data from the system, e.g. with the help of condition-based monitoring (CBM), and analyzes this data either directly in local components, control systems or in the cloud. Predictive maintenance brings various advantages for users. This strategy enables maintenance work to be carried out before problems or outages occur, but only then. This means that it reduces maintenance costs and increases efficiency because only necessary maintenance processes are carried out. However, predictive maintenance requires data from different areas, such as sensors in the system, monitoring systems and, at best, historical data on the failure of individual components and associated signs. Predictive maintenance then derives patterns from this that indicate problems and prevent failures.

Drive Pro® Preventive Maintenance: DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns or premature drops in performance. Together with Danfoss service partners, optimum operating conditions of frequency inverters are ensured and problems are prevented.