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Every day, our customers master challenges in their industry. They overcome obstacles, develop new ideas, improve previous solutions and create something new. We at Danfoss Drives are proud to be their partner! Our innovative technologies and solutions for modern drive and automation technology help users to better perform their daily tasks and thus achieve their goals. Behind each of the projects described here is an individual success story, tailored to the specific requirements of the application.  And Danfoss Discover Drives would like to present you these exemplary solutions and give you suggestions and assistance to perform your own tasks even faster. 

Learn how colleagues from your industry master the big and small challenges in conception, planning, commissioning and ongoing operation. And, of course, how modern AC drives and drive technology from Danfoss Drives can help you to reach your objectives. 

Choose your industry and application from the ever-growing range of applications on Danfoss Discover Drives. An overview can be found in the  navigation under ‘Applications’.

Applications for building technicians

As a building engineer or planner, you will create solutions for residential and commercial buildings or work on infrastructure projects such as tunnels or airports. Our application stories on Danfoss Discover Drives show how to plan and use drive technology in your projects in a way that helps you achieve your goals – energieefficient, cost- and resource-effective. From an initial overview to more detailed technical solutions.

Applications for specialists from the beverage industry

Energy prices climb to record high in 2022. Companies are also concerned about their energy supply security. And a glance at the shelves in the supermarkets reflects the challenging situation in the beverage industry just as much: new beverages come onto the market every week. There is cut-throat competition, and margins tend to be low. To survive in this environment, companies in the beverage industry are concerned with every cent they can save.

This gives new impetus to topics that are already permanent fixtures on the strategic corporate agenda: solutions for greater energy efficiency, more sustainability and smart maintenance strategies. This is worthwhile for global players and smaller companies in the beverage industry alike. Find out what modern drive technology from Danfoss Drives can do for you.

Applications for water and wastewater specialists

The water supply is one of the largest energy consumers within a municipality. As an operator or planner, you bear a great responsibility in your projects. Our application stories show how to plan and use drive technology in a way that helps you achieve your goals – while being efficient, cost- and resource-saving, and future-proof.

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