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Drive technology is everywhere – for example, in the wastewater treatment plant, in the data center, in ships, in beer production or in the charging container for electromobility. And the importance of the technology is growing, as hybridization and electrification of different industries is increasing rapidly. Immerse yourself in the world of drive technology and automation with Danfoss Discover Drives!

Drive technology: brief overview or detailed solution

At Discover Drives, the focus is on practical application. Are you looking for a brief overview or want to gain deeper insights? With just a few clicks, you can dive into the applications relevant to you on this platform: Be inspired by implementation examples and read about the detailed technical intricacies behind them. Numerous Examples from practice from different application areas invite you to take a look at the appropriate solutions – from a quick overview to detailed specifications and strategies for a highly efficient, reliable and robust plant or application.

Applications for specialists from the beverage industry

Energy prices climb to record high in 2022. This gives new impetus to topics that are already permanent fixtures on the strategic corporate agenda: solutions for greater energy efficiency, more sustainability and smart maintenance strategies. This is worthwhile for global players and smaller companies in the beverage industry alike. Find out what modern drive technology from Danfoss Drives can do for you.

Solutions for water and wastewater specialists

From desalination and reverse osmosis to traditional water harvesting, water distribution and wastewater treatment, choose an application.

Solutions for building technicians

From data centers to farms and clinics, modern buildings use numerous drive solutions for cooling, ventilation, elevators and escalators. Choose your solution.