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Intelligent drive technology is everywhere – for example, in the wastewater treatment plant, in the data center, on ships, in industrial production or in the charging container for electromobility. And the importance of efficient drives is growing, because hybridization and electrification of industries is increasing strongly overall – just like the requirements for sustainable, energy-efficient and safe solutions. Discover the world of innovative ans sustainable drive technology and automation that helps you to reach your objectives with Danfoss Discover Drives!

Do you know the energy efficiency champions in your building?

Energy is and will remain expensive. In addition, companies must reduce CO₂ emissions as part of their ESG targets. Many companies therefore invest in renewable energies such as photovoltaics on the roof or purchase green electricity. But is that enough?

Discover the hidden energy efficiency champions in your building in the EcoChampion Finder. You will learn which settings will save you the most energy, costs and emissions at the same time.

By the way, the example building in our online tool has the same dimensions as the Danfoss production site in Graasten, Denmark. All value quantities of the savings and the related calculations are related to the dimensions of this building. Start playing your energy efficiency match now!

The greenest energy is the one we do not use

It is high time: Together, we must take consistent action against climate change and take the right measures now for a sustainable industry and sustainable production processes. One important topic here is energy efficiency. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), measures for greater energy efficiency can reduce CO₂ emissions by more than 40 %. They are therefore the fastest and most effective way to advance the company’s own climate and energy goals, as well as those of society as a whole.

The good news is that the technologies already exist. These include solutions for energy- and cost-efficient drive technology as well as solutions for the electrification of our (working) everyday life. In the EcoChampion Finder, you can playfully get an overview of the potential in your buildings. Danfoss is at your side as an experienced and reliable partner: read more in the Danfoss Annual Report. Since the company was founded almost 90 years ago, all Danfoss products have served to save energy – while operating safely.

Danfoss Discover Drives shows you the practical use of Danfoss drive technology in various applications. In case stories, in the podcast ‘Torque – The Drive Podcast’ or in videos from the Danfoss Drives Factory Efficiency Days, you can learn how to significantly increase the productivity of your plants and machines while reducing energy consumption, CO₂ emissions and (maintenance) costs. Dive into the applications that are relevant to you on this platform.

How to implement ESG in companies?
All episodes of the podcast season at a glance

In the podcast season "Implementing ESG in your company: What to do now?" we go on an ESG journey. For this purpose, we have again invited numerous experts.

‘ESG’ stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG was formerly known as corporate social responsibility. In episode (1/4), tech podcaster Robert Weber reflects on ESG: "For me, ESG has always been something that is pushed by the European Union. It’s a real bureaucratic monster that makes life difficult for companies. Talking to this season’s guests, it turns out I was wrong."

Dr. Christopher Scheubel from cubemos and Marie Hammer from Danfoss explain in episode (2/4) what ESG stands for and what tasks are associated with it in companies. They agree that ESG is an opportunity for companies. Because now everyone has to strategically address issues like supply chains and energy consumption.

Anyhow, despite all opportunities, ESG also challenges companies. The topic is new, many processes have not yet been defined. Larisa Xanthopoulou and Michael Wassermann from Danfoss Drives explain in episode (3/4) how Danfoss is dealing with this challenge and offer some insights into the company’s ESG journey. "We focus on transparency and learning by sharing data and insights with our customers."

Practical advice is shared by Christine Twellmeyer and Jesper Therbo from Danfoss in episode (4/4). Christine advises in-house around measures for more energy efficiency at Danfoss sites, while Jesper shows customers and partners how to save energy and emissions in buildings with drive technology.

The ESG podcast season

Together for more sustainability and efficiency

For a sustainable industry with sustainable production processes, it is important to reduce CO₂ emissions in order to achieve climate targets. Lower CO₂ emissions go hand in hand with lower energy consumption and greater transparency in supply chains. Digitization with intelligent drives and electrification are the key to sustainably effective solutions for industry and buildings.

Learn from experts from the drive technology and energy industries how we can work together to drive the transformation to greater energy efficiency and CO₂-neutral plant operation. The expert talks were recorded in English as part of Danfoss Drives’ Factory Efficiency Days.


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Energy efficiency is the best fuel

Michael Burghardt, Head of Product Marketing Europe at Danfoss Drives, explains how AV drives help to increase energy efficiency in motor-driven production systems. In doing so, it addresses the measures that the EU Ecodesign Directive provides for reducing energy consumption. Electronic speed control with intelligent frequency inverters offers great potential here: it is the key to greater energy efficiency for sustainable production processes.

Why it pays to invest in energy efficiency

Hugo Salamanca, Energy Policy Analyst at the IEA, talks about the multiple benefits of greater energy efficiency across all industries. He estimates that industry could potentially save $600 billion in energy costs by increasing energy efficiency. This would not only significantly improve the competitiveness of companies, but also initiate and drive the much-needed green energy transition.


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Energy crisis: incentive for more efficiency?

The drive podcast Torque is about the energy crisis.

It is July 2022. At the moment, we are concerned about the gas storage levels. We are concerned about the energy supply in the coming fall and winter months. The supply side has us firmly in its grip. By contrast, most discussions touch only superficially on the demand side.

It is therefore essential that we talk about energy – and not just nuclear power, coal and LNG. That’s why we’ve launched a special podcast series. Our hypothesis: Industry itself can do much more to reduce its dependence – with investments in energy efficiency and electrification.

In this podcast season, we go on an energy efficiency journey – from green hydrogen to storage technology to DC grids in industry. To this end, we have invited experts to explain how the industry must position itself technologically for the coming years and what should be done in terms of energy policy.

Checklist: 9 tips for more energy efficiency with drive technology

Checklist for more energy efficiency

Energy prices are climbing to unprecedented heights. It’s time to look at energy saving measures to keep costs under control as much as possible. Do you know how you can easily and quickly realize energy savings with drive technology? With the 9-point checklist for energy-efficient drives from Danfoss Drives, you can quickly get an overview of the energy guzzlers in your plants. At the same time, the checklist highlights measures you can take to increase energy efficiency through speed control. You will learn where you can start now to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the process. Ultimately, drive technology is a key technology for greater energy efficiency in your plants and processes. It is currently the most effective and simple solution to significantly and immediately reduce energy consumption. Download the energy efficiency checklist now to achieve success easily and quickly.