In the beverage industry, as in this case, conveyor belts are an indispensable part of the system to ensure efficient and safe conveying of bottles, cans and other containers and to connect the various stations of a system.

Conveyor belts generally have to be robust in order to transport heavy loads. At the same time, they must be easy to start and stop so that bottles and other objects cannot fall over. The throughput speed is also important for optimum production output. Operators usually use conveyor belts with removable and easy-to-clean covers for certain processes to enable quick and hygienic cleaning.

In the beverage industry, conveyor belts must be made of a material that is resistant to acid and alkali-based cleaning agents in order to withstand frequent cleaning processes.

Danfoss Drives offers the VLT® FlexConcept for the optimum control of conveyor belts with as few motor variants as possible, low energy costs and low inventory levels. It consists of an energy-efficient permanent magnet geared motor and FC series inverters that can be installed centrally or decentrally.

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