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How did they do it? Answers to all your technical questions

In Danfoss Drives Tech Insights you will find the information to help you realize the full potential of your frequency converter to exploit. Because drives can do much more than just speed control today. In the drive train, they are characterized by high connectivity. They are important components in modern automation systems and function as sensors and sensor hubs; they analyze, save and process important parameters and data. 

What effects do changes in energy efficiency legislation have on my drive system? Why do network perturbations endanger the quality and safety of the supply networks? How can this be fixed? Which converter technology is used in different hybridization projects? You will find answers to this question and much more on this page. In Tech Insights, you will learn firsthand from Danfoss experts how to unleash the potential in your applications.

Tech insights for wastewater and water specialists

For cities and municipalities, water treatment is one of the largest energy consumers. For operators or planners, the goal must therefore be to maximize the efficiency of the systems in addition to a secure supply. Find out how Danfoss AC drives and softstarters can help you safely meet or exceed your goals.

Tech insights for building technicians

As a building technician or planner, you create solutions for residential and commercial buildings or work on infrastructure projects such as tunnel or airport construction. Our Tech Insights on Danfoss Discover Drives provide deep technical insights into modern HVAC technology - for your energy-efficient, cost- and resource-saving planning and implementation.

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